ICSAR offers wholesale distribution of all its CBD products.

Our manufacturing partnerships allow us to offer the most aggressive pricing without compromising quality.

We offer discounted pricing, not published on this website.

Therefore, if your interested in becoming a wholesale stockist of our products, please complete the form and a member of our team will create a custom quote to meet your needs.


You can stock any of our ICSAR products from; Oils, Creams, Sprays & many more, all branded under our consumer trusted ICSAR brand.


We offer white label whereby you
have the opportunity to join the CBD world and re-brand many of our products under your own brand name.


We are proud to supply raw materials from our GMP certified & ISO registered manufacturing facilities.
All our hemp is US grown & 100% Organic.


All our products are produced & tested in the USA using the state of the art facilities and all come with lab reports.

Lab reports allow you to determine the cannabis content, quality and verify that your product is free of contaminantes.

Independent lab testing is essential in the CBD industry. We at ICSAR ensure every batch is tested in trusted lab conditions and a full report is given with every batch produced.

Without trustworthy lab results, it’s impossible to tell wether the product you are buying contains the amount of CBD advertised.

Each and every product you purchase from ICSAR will have a unique bar code, so you can see at a glance the full lab report of ingredients in the product giving the customer complete peace of mind.

We offer whole plant extract products making it sure we offer the finest ingredients for the customers to work with the best possible product

There are two main ways to extract CBD, Isolate or Distillate, these two methods are explained below…


Cannabidiol (CBD) can be isolated to 99.99% purity from oils to produce a fine powder that then crystallizes under certain conditions.

This purity removes THC, other Cannabinoids and terpenes from the original plant matter extract.


Our CO2 extracted oils are distilled to remove fats, lipids and chlorophyll for the purest starting quality possible.

Commonly known as Full Spectrum Extract,
this CBD oil contains various cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and fatty acids found in hemp.